About us

We work in balanced, cross-functional teams comprised of people with deep knowledge of their respective crafts, including professionals in software engineering, product management, product design and user experience, design strategy, applied data, and business intelligence. Our culture is highly collaborative—we challenge each other with diversity of experience and thought, always striving to be our best selves and consider problems from fresh perspectives.

How we develop products

We use an adaptive process to incubate and accelerate healthcare learning and innovation. This allows us to successfully advance a product at any stage of development.

  • Explore

    Once a general problem space or goal has been identified, we explore it to gain understanding and develop insights about existing challenges and opportunities.
  • Frame

    We establish a deep understanding of both the human and business context, analyzing insights from the exploration phase to frame the problem and formulate a hypothesis.
  • Build

    We rapidly build, test, and deploy solutions in order to assess our hypothesis and adapt to qualitative feedback as early possible.
  • Scale

    We operationalize and scale solutions with analytics and data capture to iteratively improve products based on a variety of metrics.

In the community

The Experience Center Academy

Through the Experience Center Academy, we invest directly in the local community to empower students from underprivileged backgrounds toward gainful employment in the 21st century digitally-enabled economy. This 20-week program pays students for their time and provides all necessary hardware, software, mentorship, and support to teach them software development and prepare them for the workplace.

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