Our team comprises experts in product management, product design, design strategy, applied data, and software engineering. Learn more about these practitioners, their daily rituals, and how they work together.

Utilizing and prompting large language models →

This article will address how software engineers can leverage the flexibility of written human language to enhance their LLM applications with advanced prompting techniques.

The importance of proper scoping →

Proper scoping represents both a challenge and an opportunity to begin an engagement on the right terms. Understanding its components and how they are applied can be the difference between success and failure.

Introduction to product management →

In this article, we share how product managers can maintain a sustainable, agile product development rhythm while delivering quality software.

Coding as a creative endeavor →

In the realm of creativity, activities like painting, writing, and music often take center stage. However, coding, despite being a technical pursuit, shares many similarities with these artistic endeavors.

Leading effective stakeholder updates →

Making the most of weekly updates with stakeholders keeps the product team moving forward with clarity. Follow this simple checklist to share your progress.

The balanced product team →

Balanced teams promote a culture of quality and collaboration. Learn how the XC deploys this flexible team structure to deliver high-quality software.

Team rhythm →

For a balanced team, each week should be peppered with a regular set of cadenced activities. Read how we use these ceremonies to promote speed, collective understanding, and camaraderie.

Product vision and strategy →

Learn how to craft a compelling product vision that motivates your team, and how to develop a strong strategy to deliver it.

The product development lifecycle →

The lean startup feedback cycle can continuously de-risk and improve the products you build. Learn how to use it to build something viable, desirable, and feasible.

Managing a product backlog →

Learn how a well-maintained backlog represents the team's product vision and strategy and how that translates into the tactical work of the team takes on.

Writing user stories →

Read how short, simple descriptions of a feature told from the perspective of a person help teams discuss, design, and build digital experiences that resonate with users.

Communication →

Learn how collective understanding between team members, stakeholders, sponsors, and leadership is critical to the launch of successful products, services, and experiences.

Iteration planning meetings →

Iteration planning meeting (IPM) are crucial to keeping a well-maintained backlog and a steady cadence of work. Read how to use these weekly meeting to keep the product team aligned.

Retrospectives →

Read how we use retrospectives as a dedicated agile ceremony to celebrate the past week’s successes, discuss points of confusion and reflect on challenges.

Outcome-oriented roadmaps →

An outcome-oriented roadmap communicates how you intend to realize your strategy. Assess how to build a roadmap that emphasizes results over simple feature development.

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