Posts relating to Product Design.

27 Nov 2017 // Design

Human-Centered Software Toolkit

by Matt Dobson

As applying human-centered practices to software delivery is a key step to building efficacy, quality and value in products, The Digital Experience Center (DEC) is excited to announce the Human-Centered Software Toolkit.

12 May 2017 // Design

Pairing - The Evolution of Social Learning

by Lelia Rechtin

If you’ve worked in the software development industry for any length of time, you’ve probably heard of paired programming. In this article, we'll discuss paired design.

14 Nov 2016 // Design

Don't Guess, Test

by Brianna Roberts

If you want a great product, you can’t overlook testing its usability early and often.

09 Jun 2016 // Design

A smarter list – the product design perspective

by Brianna Roberts

If you’ve been in software for any stretch of time, you’ve experienced that project where an MVP was built and if everyone could be honest, the M was far more important than the V, and calling it a P was a stretch by any definition. In this article, we explore how to iterate on an Minimum Viable Product from a design perspective.

30 Nov 2015 // Design

Getting it done vs. getting it right

by Lelia Rechtin

We know that seeking approval is an innate part of being human. From the moment we are self aware, we begin to imitate those around us. When we imitate others, we are actually seeking to blend in and to attain the approval of our fellow human beings.

15 Sep 2015 // Design

The Benefits of Agile Design

by Becki Hyde

Here at the Digital Experience Center, designers are embedded in their product teams, working directly alongside product managers and engineers.