Posts relating to Product Development.

15 May 2017 // Development

Geschwind: Get going fast

by Cody Hutchens

Geschwind is a configuration-based express wrapper that builds your express pipeline as well as establishes your routes.

09 Mar 2017 // Development

Using the aws-sdk to create a lambda function for Alexa

by Cody Hutchens

If you need to dynamically create lambda functions for Alexa, like me, you've probably been searching for help. Unfortunately, Amazon's documentation isn't helpful on this topic. In response and in an attempt to be helpful, I've aggregated my findings on topic.

01 Nov 2016 // Development

Practicing YAGNI in Code

by Jason McCreary

You may have heard of YAGNI. But what does YAGNI mean for code? In this article, we'll take a closer look at how code evolves naturally when practicing YAGNI.

03 Dec 2015 // Development

My XP in XP

by Jake Stout

We hear it everywhere: business is about productivity. Business is an engine that our world runs on. Throughout my college career, I was always more interested in engineering and social relationships. From my own perspective, I knew I was missing something about the values of business and work.