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27 Nov 2017 // Product

What is a Product Manager?

by Nick Hill

One of the key roles on a product team is the product manager. It’s a role I know well, as I’ve been one here at Humana’s Digital Experience Center (DEC) for more than three years. I'll explain further in this article.

24 Aug 2017 // Product

Internet of Things Hackathon

by Shawn Coots

AT&T and the Digital Experience Center hosted an Internet of Things hackathon, focused on innovations in healthcare using AT&T's IoT Starter Kit.

09 May 2016 // Product

Replacing that paper list in your pocket

by Shawn Coots

Pen and paper have always been effective tools, difficult to improve upon. Chances are, if you know someone taking several medications, they probably have a scribbled-up piece of paper in their pocket detailing the ever-changing list of drugs they're taking. The additions and subtractions of several prescriptions are referenced whenever they visit their doctor, and hopefully, it’s accurate and up-to-date. If they remembered to bring it…

03 Dec 2015 // Product

Fund for the Arts Mobile App

by Becki Hyde

We hear it everywhere: business is about productivity. Business is an engine that our world runs on. Throughout my college career, I was always more interested in engineering and social relationships. From my own perspective, I knew I was missing something about the values of business and work.

17 Oct 2015 // Product

Fixing Scope and Schedule Leads to Broken Expectations

by Nick Hill

Imagine you have plans to drive to Chicago to meet a friend for the weekend. It's Friday afternoon, and you're leaving work a little early to beat the traffic. You call your friend to let him know you're heading out, and he asks what time you'll be there – he's trying to figure out if he should eat dinner before you get there or if you'll be there in time to eat with him at the restaurant he's been telling you about...