Innovation Workshop

Innovation Workshop

A rapid ideation & decision-making session for leadership that moves your team from ambiguity to clarity in a day or less.


A Digital Experience Center (DEC) Innovation Workshop starts with the belief that you and your team possess the answer – our job is to partner with you to discover it together.

We then work with you to select the right participants. A key to realizing the workshop’s goal is to ensure diversity in the participant selection (multiple levels of management, domains, and disciplines provide for rich ideation, accelerated decision-making, and increased confidence in the outcomes). Preparation for the workshop begins weeks in advance by defining the workshop’s very specific goal.

During the workshop, a pair of facilitators ensures that you and your team get from point A (ambiguity) to point B (clarity) with confidence. Workshops are focused to foster hard work and, subsequently, concrete outcomes. Workshop techniques support Lean Startup and Agile methods.

Workshops Achieve:
  • Management team alignment
  • Decisions regarding which project
should move forward
  • Overcoming ‘analysis paralysis’
  • The definition of success for the project
  • The surfacing, pinpointing, and prioritization of obstacles to remove in order to progress
“…we want to engage the DEC for the overall customer problem …so we can get to the best outcome in the quickest, most effective manner.”
Geeta Wilson, Service Experience of the Future Director
Case Study:

Service Experience of the Future

In April of 2015, The Service Experience of the Future (SEF) leadership team engaged the DEC to facilitate an innovation workshop to gain a clear understanding of the essence of their customer problem and determine how to solve it.


The team had an extensive list of customer problems and a host of possible solutions without a clear, specific path forward to efficient progress.


Create a visible, easily understood prioritized backlog of the customer problem.


At the end of the workshop, the SEF team had profiled its top target customer, that customer’s number one issue to resolve, identified the riskiest assumptions, and defined key success metrics. Product development began one month later.

SEF Scoping

The innovation workshop uses a series of exercises to help pinpoint and prioritize obstacles.

“The team came back energized and appreciated [the DEC’s] facilitation of the process.”
Geeta Wilson, SEF Director