Product Development

Product Development

Our co-creation process delivers products that meet user needs and empowers Humana associates to rapidly learn about our business and our consumers.


Product development in the Digital Experience Center (DEC) is accomplished by cross-functional, 100% dedicated teams. A product team is made up of one or more pairs of software engineers, a pair of product designers, and a Client Product Manager, who works alongside a DEC Resident Product Manager. The teams are a combination of resident DEC practitioners and visiting team members (called “clients”), who own the product and will continue development once the DEC engagement ends.

Through our collaborative approach, product development in the DEC moves forward rapidly, with the ability to change direction as new information is gathered. The client team brings their subject matter expertise to the project, and our resident practitioners bring knowledge of modern software development techniques, as well as lean and agile principles and methods.

Ongoing user research and usability testing informs the development of all our products. This continuous feedback gives the team valuable information about the potential success of products, and gives us the opportunity to co-create, with our users, products that solve their problems.

When an engagement is complete, the visiting team has a product they can run with, as they have co-created it along the way. They are empowered to take the methods of the DEC back to their home teams, to share the benefits of new ways of working.

Development Methods
  • User research
  • Usability testing
  • Minimum Viable Product focus
  • Ruthless prioritization
  • Test-driven development
  • Paired programming
  • Continuous integration
"Working with the team in the DEC has been an incredibly valuable learning experience. I look forward to taking what I've learned and continuing the virtuous teaching cycle with others in the company.”
Matt Coddington, DCoE Product Manager
Case Study:

MyHumana Mobile App

The MyHumana Mobile app, Humana’s flagship mobile product, had been under continuous development for over five years. As Humana transitioned to being a consumer-focused company, the Mobile team gathered feedback from existing users, indicating that consumers were frustrated by performance and navigation issues within the app. The Digital Center of Excellence, along with their partners in Digital IT, sought to improve on this feedback, and deliver a modern, redesigned app, with better performance.


To take full advantage of modern software development methods, as well as incorporating all that Humana had learned over five years of the app being the marketplace, the decision was made to rebuild the app completely. Redesigning an existing app from the ground up was a marathon of feature prioritization.


To improve the user experience of the app – via better performance and a simple, modern interface – so that consumers enjoyed using the app, which helps them get the information they need more quickly, and through their preferred channel.


After just six months of development, a completely redesigned app was launched to the iOS App Store. The App Store rating has increased from 1 star to 4 stars, with users complimenting the improved navigation and performance. Product development continues, focusing on features that users are asking for via a feedback mechanism within the app. The Android version, begun in November 2015, is expected to launch in April 2016.

MyHumana App

Easily access claim information or your Humana ID cards from your mobile device.

“With this new DEC methodology, we quickly launched our mobile apps to the market and gained valuable feedback that allows us to pivot based on those that use our mobile products. The mobile team has learned a lot from the DEC process and will be taking the learnings and teaching to transform and disrupt the way our team works.”
Neil Lazo, DCoE Product Manager