Cue prompts you to do small things known to result in better health, which helps you develop long-lasting healthy habits. Wherever you are, you can start to incorporate these simple actions into your daily routine.


Current Streaks keeps track of your recent healthy habits. At a glance, you see how well you're doing now.

The Problem

Have you ever realized at the end of a day that you didn’t drink enough water? Have you ever regretted skipping the 10-minute walk you had planned?

In our busy day-to-day lives, we sometimes forget to do the small stuff that can help us be healthier. A new app, called Cue by Humana (Cue for short), can help.

The User Value

Cue, which launched on April 24, gives you reminders – “cues” – throughout the day to complete easy, health-related tasks, encouraging you to drink water, get moving, take time to stretch, focus on your posture, spend time outside and take deep breaths. By tracking how many times you successfully complete a Cue, the app helps you see how well you’re doing at building healthy habits, which can lead to significant improvements in your overall health and well-being.

“Developing Cue was extremely challenging, but very rewarding,We had to build a product from scratch for a platform (the Apple Watch) we had never used or seen before, without even fully knowing how it works."
George Kipp, Product Manager

What We Built

Created in just seven weeks, Cue was designed at Humana’s Digital Experience Center, known as the DEC. The goal of the DEC, which brings together product managers, designers and engineers who work side-by-side with a dedicated client product manager from the business, is to develop new technology products quickly and efficiently – just like the Cue app.

Cue wasn’t designed for just Humana associates and members; it’s available to everyone. The app will work on any iPhone running iOS 8.2 and later, and was also designed to work with the newly released Apple Watch.

Humana is on a journey to help people achieve lifelong well-being and change the way consumers experience healthcare. Utilizing the latest technology – and creating new tools like the Cue app – takes us one step closer to making that dream a reality.

Cue on the iPhone

With Cue's iPhone Streak experience, you can see a comparison of your Current Streak and your Best Ever Streak, by healthy habit.