Goal Guru

Goal Guru, a product of Humana’s Wellness organization, is a business-to-business product offering that encourages well-being engagement via team-based competitions and personal challenges. Designed to be simple and lightweight for small groups to launch, Goal Guru offers a robust experience centered around healthy competition, including challenges and competitions in four major areas of well-being: Physical, Emotional, Social, and Financial.

Goal Guru Discovery & Framing

To define the product, our team hosted a Discovery & Framing session.

The Problem & User Value

As more employers seek to enhance their benefit offerings with well-being products and services, Goal Guru is positioned as a lightweight entry point into total well-being. The Digital Experience Center (DEC) was engaged to accelerate the development of Goal Guru along two key areas: Reseller Capabilities and Experience Enhancement.

Reseller Capabilities

During the fall of 2016, the DEC Goal Guru development team focused on supporting a Reseller client scheduled to go-live in early 2017. By selling Goal Guru to resellers, Humana can extend the product into markets already established by other companies, by adding the product to their catalog of offerings. To support a test-and-learn experiment with the first reseller, the team stood up a standalone instance of the product for the sole use of one reseller and their clients, in an environment that would enable experimentation and customization.

Experience Enhancement

In early 2017, the product team began focused usability testing of the Goal Guru mobile apps. Consumer feedback was synthesized along with what the team learned from early clients and the sales team. Taken together, all the feedback was used to generate a backlog of user experience improvements and enhancements to the resilience of the applications, including the admin portal, web app, and the iOS and Android mobile apps. The goal was to harden and refine the product to encourage sales and retention.

What We Built

For the reseller use case, the team stood up a second instance of the entire application system, as well as a router that would identify a user upon login and route them to the correct instance. This setup enabled the team to experiment with the reseller stack without impacting the existing users on Humana’s direct-to-client stack.

For the second half of the engagement, we added a series of improvements, enhancements, and minor fixes to the existing experience based on user feedback. The mobile app UI was simplified, reporting metrics were added to the admin portal so that clients could self-serve, and billing and engagement reporting was automated to create a more streamlined experience across the wellness organization for implementation of the product.

Significant among the experience enhancements was the creation of a custom registration and authentication system. This was created in close collaboration with Enterprise Information Protection and represents the first standalone authentication system that does not rely on core Humana systems to meet security requirements.

The Goal Guru team continues to evolve the product based on consumer feedback, and remains one of the most flexible, cross-functional product teams within Humana.

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