Humana Pharmacy Mobile App

The Humana Pharmacy Mobile apps (iOS + Android) allow members to quickly and easily refill medications, check order status, and purchase OTC's with their plan’s wellness allowance. This effort represents a complete overhaul to the previous user experience and technical infrastructure.

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The Problem

The previous versions of Humana Pharmacy’s iOS and Android apps were based on an outdated and unmaintainable architecture. They were built using monolithic services and incorporated a large amount of business logic in the client application. As a result, many compromises were made in the user experience, resulting in a somewhat confusing product. Further, any new features, updates, or maintenance needs required expensive refactoring to the monolith by developers who must be studied in the intricacies of its construction. Humana Pharmacy needed a new version of these apps that could be more efficiently maintained and updated – and would be resilient to ever-changing technological and business environments.

Value Created

User value – The app’s user experience was redesigned to allow fast, efficient transactions. Prescription refill was prioritized, with order status and OTC refill in close succession. Members have indicated through usability testing and product feedback that the new app is simpler, faster, and easier to use.

Internal Value – the redesign of the Humana Pharmacy mobile app created significant operational value to internal operations. Ongoing feature updates and responses to regulatory and business changes will be significantly easier, cheaper, and less disruptive to users. These benefits are realized via several enhancements to the app and underlying services, including:

  • Implementation of a microservice architecture
  • Removing significant business logic and data processing from the client application
  • Implementing test-driven development and automated testing
  • Providing product and rules documentation via automated tests
  • The Humana Pharmacy mobile app won Platinum in the “Best Mobile Apps and Sites” category at the eHealthcare Leadership Awards in 2017.

    What We Built

    As ongoing user research confirmed that Humana Pharmacy is a transactional app, we created an experience that allowed members to complete tasks as needed – not one that encouraged them to remain engaged or “browse.” Specifically, the Humana Pharmacy mobile app serves a few simple, but important, functions:

  • Refill medications
  • Use wellness allowances to purchase OTC drugs
  • Manage account information and preferences
  • Transfer prescriptions to Humana Pharmacy
  • Reference information about prescriptions filled with Humana Pharmacy
  • mobile view

    Refills are quick and easy, with intuitive, user-validated navigation.