Medicaid Well-being Survey

As part of the Affordable Care Act, Medicaid beneficiaries are required to complete an annual health risk assessment. The intent of the assessment is to evaluate current health status, receive suggestions on how to best manage it and review those suggestions with their provider.

Medicaid Well-being Survey dashboard

Dashboard view of the Medicaid Well-being Survey, with access to view previous survey results.

The Problem

In 2016, it became a requirement for insurers to provide access to this assessment to their Medicaid members both digitally and telephonically. In an effort to remain compliant with the Centers of Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), Humana needed to quickly make these options available by March 1st.

The User Value

Humana’s Medicaid members can now access and submit this required assessment easily through their MyHumana account, no longer needing to complete it with their state Medicaid departments by paper or over the phone. They now have the ability to get their results real-time, upon submittal of the survey. Members can also return to the site to view past results and see how their health changes over time.

What We Built

In just eight weeks, we came up with a user-focused, responsive web version of the health risk assessment, ultimately named the Medicaid Well-being Survey after feedback received from our users. The survey is available through our MyHumana portal, currently only to Medicaid members.

Upon login, users can access the survey via a link on their MyHumana dashboard. Once the survey is launched, a list of health-related questions are presented, ranging from current weight and eating habits, to stress levels and tobacco use. Users have the option to save and exit if they want to come back later to complete the survey. Upon submittal of the survey, a health report is generated, providing useful feedback to take action on and share with their doctor.

Medicaid Well-being Survey on the iPhone

The survey was built with the mobile user in mind and is fully responsive.