MyHumana Login Redesign

MyHumana is a secure website that allows Humana members to access their claims, benefits, deductibles, and other personal plan and account information. For many members, MyHumana is the most common method of engagement with Humana.

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The Problem

Prior to engaging in this work, MyHumana’s login experience was very slow, and the site was vulnerable to outages. Further, after logging in, the user experience was complicated. Information was not prioritized nor customized, and important data was buried several pages deep. While members could eventually accomplish their goals and tasks, it was often with great difficulty and frustration. As a result, the previous experience created a negative impression and reputation for Humana.

The User Value

The product team greatly improved the MyHumana login process for members in many ways:

Login speed – By rearchitecting the login process, the team was able to make the login process 3 times faster – cutting login time from more than 15 seconds to under 5 seconds.

Information presented upon login – After logging in, members were presented with 3 times more information than the previous MyHumana landing page.

Increased stability and reliability – The site has realized 100% uptime and consistently fast login speeds, including during Humana’s highest-traffic days of the year.

In addition to improving member experience, the engagement provided significant internal value to Humana. Ongoing enhancements to the new application will be significantly easier and less expensive based on several accomplishments by this team:

Implementation of a microservices architecture – Deconstructing the monolithic architecture allows for a more resilient, easier to update application.

Test-driven development and automated testing – The team achieved 94% automated test coverage. In addition to reinforcing confidence in the code the team wrote, conflicts introduced by future updates will be immediately identified.

Low-risk roll-out process – The team created an application that controlled which members saw the new experience at any given time. This reduced risk by allowing the team to gain feedback from a small audience, while enabling ongoing improvements.

“It’s clear you all have done your research, and it’s obviously important to Humana that I’m able to find the information I’m looking for!”
Humana Medicare Member

What We Built

The new login experience, representing significant improvements to the UX design and underlying architecture, improves members’ ability to find the information they need, right when they need it. Information is organized by product (e.g., medical, dental, Rx, etc.), and the placement of data and links was prioritized based on direct conversation and usability tests with more than 100 members. Information is presented within product tabs in a consistent and predictable way – for example, claims are always displayed at the top of each tab, with deductibles and maximums displayed next.

Because of the diversity of Humana’s membership, including ranges in age from 18-100+ and hundreds of permutations of plan, product, spending accounts, etc., the experience is personalized to each member. The modular design allows only applicable information to be presented, with components reorganizing to keep the experience efficient and intuitive.

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The website was built mobile-first, not “mobile also.” This design philosophy ensures an optimal experience regardless of the device used.