MyHumana PDP-Only Experience

MyHumana is a responsive website for Humana members. The site provides members with a wealth of self-service features, from claims tracking to drug pricing. A large portion of Humana’s membership is PDP-only, meaning these customers only have Humana insurance coverage for their prescriptions. This customer base has unique self-service needs.

The MyHumana PDP experience is expressly designed to meet the unique needs of these customers. MyHumana PDP’s tools answer questions for these members and the experience is designed to surface what they are looking for immediately upon login.

MyHumana PDP-only

The PDP-only experience is specifically designed to serve our PDP customers, giving them the information they need without having to leave the homepage.

The Problem

The MyHumana experience for PDP-only customers has historically been sub-par. The site has traditionally been focused on delivering content for customers with medical insurance plans or for customers who have multiple plan types.

As PDP-only customers continue to engage more and more with MyHumana, it is important that they find their experience useful and valuable. A satisfying online experience improves customer satisfaction, member retention and strengthens the Humana brand.

The User Value

The MyHumana PDP-only experience was designed with continuous feedback from Humana’s current Medicare customers. By identifying their top questions and concerns, we were able to prioritize content on the PDP-specific dashboard that would help customers find answers quickly.

The primary concerns we identified during our conversations with customers were: being able to easily access Humana Pharmacy information, their prescription medication list, understanding their progression towards and out of the Coverage Gap (generally known to customers as the Donut Hole), and easy-to-understand benefit information.

What We Built

In just three months, we built a rich, targeted, and informative experience. Upon login, users see a series of organized tiles, each containing a snapshot of related information prioritized according to customer feedback. The first tile showcases Humana Pharmacy order and refill information, and only appears for customers who use that service. The second tile features a stage progression tracker, which helps customers see, at a glance, where they are in their coverage. Other tiles display recent prescription refills, coverage information, and tools to help customers get the most benefit from their plan.

The product was launched to a pilot group in the fall of 2016. Feedback aggregated from the pilot will be used to mature the experience in anticipation of a release to a wider audience in early 2017. Ongoing product development is expected, alongside overall enhancements to MyHumana.

MyHumana PDP-only on the iPhone

The experience is fully responsive, so it works well on any size device.