Humana’s flagship mobile app, MyHumana, helps Humana members manage their healthcare costs, so they can make informed decisions about their health and well-being. The app provides up-to-date information on claims, deductibles, and spending accounts, as well as tools to help members make the most of their coverage – drug pricing, a healthcare provider finder, secure messaging with Humana customer service, and more.


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The Problem

The MyHumana mobile app had been under continuous development for over five years. Feedback from consumers showed that the app had become cumbersome and difficult to use – in terms of both navigation and performance. As a cornerstone in Humana’s strategy to give members tools that give them the information they need, when they need it, the app needed to be fast and easy-to-use.

The User Value

To improve the user experience of the app, the team started from scratch. By redesigning and rebuilding the app from the ground up, in collaboration with users, the team delivered an app that provided a clear and simple experience for users, which resulted in an increase in the iOS App Store rating from one to four stars.

“Great app! Very user friendly, necessary information where you need it when you need it. Thanks!”
Humana Member

What We Built

The team in the DEC began with a synthesis of consumer feedback and metrics from the existing app, identifying the most-used features and where they needed improvement. With a goal to launch at the start of 2016 – most members’ new plan start dates – the most useful features were prioritized. Continuous usability testing identified minor issues in the experience that were resolved before launch, and gave the team valuable feedback on which features to include next.

Beginning with a fresh codebase, the team used pair programming and test-driven development to iteratively deliver an app that functions smoothly, and fails gracefully. Using modern app architecture, the team built a resilient experience that quickly delivers information members need.

MyHumana on the iPhone

The MyHumana mobile team designed and developed the iOS app in tandem with the Android version.