Personify is a web app that provides a lightweight documentation and sharing workflow for Humana associates who conduct user research and usability testing. With Personify’s secure storage, researchers can easily share data with others – without creating presentations, drafting emails, or exposing sensitive information.

Personify laptop view

View research details and summaries for products in a secure and simple web application.

The Problem

As the practice of user research spreads across Humana, the amount of information gathered from conversations with customers has grown significantly. Accessing the results of research others have done, and sharing research with others, has become a tedious task – usually involving elaborate documentation that is then shared via email. Information is difficult to pull together, and difficult to discover. Additionally, as teams take up the practice of user research for the first time, they struggle to know where to begin. Many teams are looking for best practices and examples of research to act as guidance for their work.

The User Value

Personify provides a lightweight way to prepare for, document, and share user research. It is designed to fit into researchers’ existing workflow so that time spent on documentation is minimal. Personify simplifies the tasks of gathering insights from research and sharing information with stakeholders and other researchers. For new researchers, Personify provides direction on how to conduct research, and is a knowledge base for user research already conducted across Humana.

“Personify keeps the development team informed of actionable feedback being gathered from users. We’re able to see what users like and don’t like, and implement solutions quickly.”

What We Built

Personify is a modern, single-page web application that leverages cloud-native technology to provide a robust user experience. The initial Beta was launched in 2 months, and the team now delivers new features consistently, usually once per week. Ongoing user feedback is used to prioritize new features, so that Personify serves the needs of diverse teams across Humana.

While Personify still has a lot of growing to do, it currently serves as a convenient repository for user research. As use of Personify grows, research and usability testing findings will be centrally located for easy access by a broad audience. Teams will be able to use the learnings from others, and collaborate more effectively on new research plans. The product team is excited about Personify’s continued evolution!

User synthesis

Personify is built collaboratively with the researchers, designers, and developers who use it. Weekly user research informs the backlog and product roadmap.