Pharmacy Calculator

The Pharmacy Calculator is a web-based application built for Humana Medicare sales agents as well as prospective Medicare members to help estimate plan and drug costs.

Pharmacy calc monitor view

Compare costs related to plans in your area based on the medications you take.

The Problem

Drug pricing is an extremely complicated yet necessary service for Humana’s business, for both prospective members and sales agents. Agents needed an in-house drug pricing tool specific to Humana’s products and business that could assist in projecting costs for potential members and help to increase sales during Medicare’s Annual Enrollment Period (AEP). The tool was also made available via for prospective members to peruse plans and drug costs on their own.

The User Value

Accurate and compliant, along with a human-centered focus were the main drivers throughout the engagement. Humana’s Pharmacy Calculator was delivered to instill confidence with both agents and members, through accurate pricing and a simplified user experience, while remaining compliant with CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services), all in time for the 2018 Annual Enrollment Period.

“This is going to be a great tool, and is really going to help us out. I can give the prospect peace of mind”
Humana Medicare Field Agent

What We Built

Humana’s Pharmacy Calculator was developed in partnership with over forty Medicare sales agents that included both internal Humana agents and outside brokers, as well as telesales and field agents. We also met with prospective Medicare members early on in the engagement to understand their needs when it comes to pricing their medications and enrolling in plans online.

Iterative designs along with working software were presented to sales agents throughout the engagement on a weekly basis.

User experience, data points, and functionality were updated based on agent feedback. With each user testing session we learned something new, and were able to make updates to the software before the next session took place.

The team came up with a simple, 3-step application that allows the user to:

  1. Enter a Zip code to see how many plans are available in the area
  2. Create a drug list based on medications the member is taking
  3. See pricing based on plans available against the drugs entered on the list, with the option to switch pharmacy types (preferred mail order, standard retail, local pharmacy, etc.)

While we were able to keep the experience simple, what happened behind the scenes was anything but. All pricing rules were rewritten for both 2017 and 2018, with input from various business areas to ensure accuracy. The software was re-built from the ground up, using modern, flexible technology, while still relying on some of the existing services to tie everything together.

ipad view

The Pharmacy Calculator was also designed for iPad use, specifically for agents that work outside of the office.