RxConsult is an internal application designed to facilitate Medication Reconciliation Reports conducted by our telephonic pharmacists. Our pharmacists use RxConsult to fully understand the member's medications and conditions in order to make informed, clinical recommendations that improve the member's health.


RxConsult distilled a Medication Reconciliation Report into four, succinct steps.

The Problem

Humana's pharmacy programs have expanded in recent years to meet new demands and provide value for our members. One such program, the Medication Reconciliation Report (MRR), was created to gain a complete picture of a member's medication list, then make clinical recommendations on any issues found in the list.

The process involves a Field Care Manager (FCM) visiting a member shortly after hospital discharge. Our FCM will gather the hospital discharge papers, as well as all medications in the member's home, then place a call to one of our telephonic pharmacists for review, resulting in an MRR. The MRR, when originally conceived, was added as an additional workflow within an existing tool already used for a different program. Adding a new workflow to the existing tool resulted in a process that was inefficient. Pharmacists spent most of their call time gathering information, rather than giving clinical advice on medication management. It was understood that MRR's warranted a tool of their own - one that carefully considered the needs of the pharmacist and cater to their specific workflow.

The User Value

RxConsult was built in partnership with the pharmacists that would ultimately use the product. Health Care Services made this possible by installing one of Humana's actual pharmacists, Kevin Kriegel, to serve as Product Manager during the engagement. This allowed the team to foster true empathy for how our pharmacists work.

Our engagement began by shadowing MRR calls with four different pharmacists over the course of two weeks. One problem was immediately clear - our pharmacists shift between several tools/screens to work through a call, which often presents a different set of challenges. Despite the chaotic nature of the calls, specific patterns emerged. Pharmacists' conversations with our field care managers generally followed the same progression. By framing the workflow into four unique steps, we made MRR's drastically more efficient. We were able to realize this level of specificity through iterative design, tested weekly with a rotating panel of three to four pharmacists.

"It is amazing how much RxConsult streamlined our Med Reconciliation process. The number of workarounds I formerly needed have been reduced, allowing me to focus on the patient and not the tool I'm using to document."
Amanda, a pharmacist

What We Built

RxConsult is a single-page web application, powered by One Medication Experience data to provide an efficient user experience. The Digital Experience Center launched the initial MVP to production in three months, and have continued to develop further improvements based on weekly user research.

As we've steadily improved the user experience, we've seen pharmacists raise the number of completed consults per day by nearly 50%. This increase in efficiency allows our pharmacists to spend more time discussing impactful clinical recommendations.

RxConsult Pharmacist

RxConsult in use.