Our Team

All of our work is done on balanced, cross-functional teams comprised of people with deep knowledge of their craft, and who can also fulfill multiple roles as work progresses. Our environment and culture are highly collaborative — we challenge each other with diversity of experience and thinking and strive to be our very best selves. Our practice is made up of four key disciplines that enable us to succeed in all of these dimensions.

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Product Management

These team members are responsible for maximizing the value of the software product being created. The product manager ensures that current development efforts meet the most critical needs of users and the business strategy. By making well-informed decisions about what to build and when, product managers greatly reduce risk, minimize waste, and maximize ROI for their software.

Software Engineering

Our engineering team is comprised of full-stack developers who are constantly seeking to explore and use new technology in service of our members. We pair program, because we know it delivers remarkable results, and we always apply Test-Driven Development in order to produce high-quality, reliable, and maintainable code. Our iterative and methodical approach to software engineering allows us to prevent technical debt and create the best solutions for our users.

Experience & Innovation Design

Our design team works across the full spectrum of experience and innovation design, with expertise in foundational design practices, such as human-centered design, service design, consumer research, and test & learn methodologies. The designers work within cross-functional teams to frame opportunities, identify user problems, and develop new products and services that are desirable for users, feasible to execute, and viable for the business.

Applied Data

Applied data team develops solutions from raw data to production ready models by collaborating on product development as a member of a balanced team. We work to educate and involve the whole team in the data science process by participating in user research, conducting data exploration, and performing quantitive analysis on structured, unstructured, and qualitative data in order to extract knowledge and insights to build intelligent systems that provide value for our members.